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Natural and chemical-free dog and cat food

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PETfit specialises in species-appropriate food for dogs and cats

  • A variety of products for the adjustment to a natural diet
  • A range of different meals for your four leggs friends
  • Treats
  • Chews
  • Other


PETfit is expert in the field of specialised nutrition

  • Developed together with veterinarians
  • Pure (single protein) products for exclusion diets
  • Diets for sensitive stomachs
  • Exclusion diets

Species-appropiate and natural dog and cat food

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The most important advantages of our species-appropriate dog and cat food

  • Natural, nutritious, chemical-free – from own factory
  • 65-75% meat and innards
  • All ingredients are food-grade (i.e. suitable for human consumption) and sourced primarily from North Germany
  • Packaging is filled raw and steam-cooked gently
  • Free from preservatives, chemical colourants, attractants, odorants and flavour additives as well as of other synthetic additives
  • Free from animal and vegetable meals, soya and corn
  • All products fully compliant with EU law
  • Small portions because of the high quality of the ingredients
  • Naturally bound cell water ensures excellent hydration
  • Special products for specific nutritional requirements- developed together with veterinarians
  • Personal consultation and advice
  • Direct delivery from the factory to you

... take us at our word!

Pet-Fit. Healthy pet food – species-appropriate, without additives.

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